Majestic Points Series

Majestic Cycling Point series rules. Points will count for all Majestic Cycling events Except Turbulence Crit. Please see point bracket. All races may or may not have the category however points will continue to add up throughout the season. All point will be combined at the end of the season. Turbulence Crit will not be part of the series for fixed gear only. Turbulence Crit will be a totally separate event. There will be ONE over all winner. Second and third place will have awards and prizes. The more you race the better your chances are. Points are added up for the Categories you race in that is part of the point calendar. You may race multiple events BUT points do not transfer to other Cat races. All tie breakers will use USAC rules 3H4(g)(ii).

Ties will be broken from the following formats:

  • Number of First Place
  • Number of Second Place
  • Number of Third Place
  • Final Tie break will be in order of finish in the last race of Majestic Cycling Series. Majestic Crit July 1, 2018

So good luck and may the best man or women win.

Overall Winner

  • Series Winners Jersey
  • Special Trophy or Plaque
  • VIP PASS for All MC Races Includes Second Race for 2019
  • Over $520.00 Value
  • 2nd & 3rd Place Winners / Awards and Prizes

Point Series